East Port is a 2 rail fine-scale fiddle yard to terminus layout set in the date range of approximately 1940s to late 1960s. The Eastport group first held a short meeting in late 1995 to outline the idea. Early 1996 the decision was made to start building the baseboards and work progressed slowly due to there being nowhere in the club premises (at that time) to store the completed boards (they were stored at a member’s home). Mid 1997 3 members left the 0 gauge group slowing production even further. By 1998 three base boards had been built with platforms fitted and track laid. During this time the first set of metal support legs for the layout arrived. A corner was turned in 2001 in that storage space in the club rooms became available with the rest of the support legs for the whole ‘layout to be’ arriving a little later.

With only 2-3 members available to work on the layout progress was slow.

At the 2003 club AGM a ‘fresh start’ was announced which attracted a few more people to the Eastport group, with a few more members joining in 2004. By 2006 the track work plans were finalized (as far as any model railway layout is finalized). In 2007-8 the group rose to 6 or 7 members once more and by 2009 we had 9 people working on the layout. Baseboards 5 and 6 had the basic track layout done for the station throat. From 2008 the electrics began to take shape with the control panel built and tested enabling testing (and in some cases rectification) of the wiring on the baseboards. The station buildings are already built and owned by one of the group’s long standing members and will be loaned as and when necessary, with various members supplying locos and rolling stock as needed to run the layout. This is intended to mainly be GER/LNER/Midland and Great Northern but may well transgress into other companies depending on what is available at the time.

The layout is meant to be based in East Anglia with a leaning towards what might have happened at Yarmouth Vauxhall. At the time of writing (April 2012) the group consists of 8+ members with a variety of skills and knowledge and also of rolling stock and locomotives. The layout has progressed to the stage where boards 1 & 2 are nearly complete in that they have wiring finished and tested OK and a good start made on the scenery. Boards 3 & 4 have all the track laid with the wiring complete and tested but no scenery as yet. Boards 5 & 6 have all the track laid with the wiring done with further testing neded. Boards 7, 8, 9 and 10 all have most of the track laid but, as yet, no wiring done.