Woodford Halse

Woodford Halse is an 00 gauge model on 12 – 3ft-6in by 2ft-6in baseboards, to form a layout 17ft-6in by 7ft-6in, using fine scale and code 75 track, based on the late lamented Great Central station at Woodford Halse.

Woodford was a small, quiet village until the Great Central Railway was built circa 1900, after which it grew to a thriving community. The station became an important cross country through and interchange junction for frieght and passenger working, located as it was in the Midlands roughly half way between London and Nottingham.

Peaking at around 1700 population around 1931, the station was closed late 1964.
The model replicates the up / down main line passenger and goods tracks to London Marylebone to the South and Nottingham and beyond to the North. Local passenger and goods services are catered for together with sidings and goods shed.

Currently the “fiddle” yard area is being restructured with additional tracks. Much of the countryside scenery has been done with more to do.
The typical Great Central island main and branch platforms are modelled.
A lot more work is to be done on the station area, mainly buildings not yet started. Then, hopefully, will follow detail work of lighting and signalling etc.